Excel Coordinate Viewer

Excel Coordinate Viewer Interface

Input of X, Y and Z coordinates in Excel.

Transmission via
Bluetooth into AR glasses.

Visualization of the measuring positions.

Your Advantages

No time-consuming measuring

  • The measuring positions are automatically calculated and displayed by the AR glasses.
  • Suitable for small and large measurement setups.

Labeling of the measuring points

  • Due to the individual labelling
    the whole team knows the exact positions where the corresponding sensors have to be placed.

Repeatability of measurement setups

  • The measurement setup of an already performed measurement can be called up again without any problems.

Mobile applicable

  • The AR glasses can be used on the move.
  • The measurement setup can be flexibly taken along on the basis of the target.

Integration of (factory) standards

  • The measuring points are customizable according to individual standards.
  • All standards can be integrated and covered.

Application areas

Level sound field mapping

If you want to measure along a flat surface with a sound intensity probe, you can start right away with our Excel template, no matter where you are and how big the measurement object is.

ISO 3744 here as a cylinder

You get the standard-compliant measuring positions along the enveloping surface of any shape in seconds. Other standards can be easily integrated.

Individual setup

Excel is part of an engineer’s standard toolbox. Our open Excel interface therefore enables simple and intuitive integration of your own standards or measurement set-ups.

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